GenUltimate!® Test Strips

Experience the ultimate value in test strips at the lowest price. Designed for use with the OneTouch® Ultra®, Ultra®2 and UltraMini® blood glucose meters.

Product Overview

Trusted Meter

GenUltimate!® test strips work with the OneTouch® Ultra®, Ultra®2 and UltraMini® meter many already own and trust. 

GenUltimate!® test strips also use the same small sample size and fast results as the name brand strips. 

Save Money

You have enough to
worry about, the cost of
testing supplies should
not be one of them.

At 80% less than the cost of the name brand test strip, GenUltimate!® test strips are the best value in testing supplies. 

Healthcare Providers

GenUltimate!® test strips give healthcare providers peace of mind in knowing that their patients are recieving the care they need at a price that they can afford. Low cost testing supplies means patients can afford to test more frequently, providing a more accurate picture of health, and a healthier and happier life.

We've Got You Covered

GenUltimate!® test strips are covered by most insurance policies but are priced low enough to benefit uninsured or under-insured customers. Get the care you deserve at the ultimate low price.

What Our Fantastic Users Say

“I am very happy to have found test strips for my One Touch Ultra at half the price I was paying for the brand name strips. I was able to verify the strips are giving accurate measurements after testing for several weeks before visiting the doctor, where the projected A1C from my tracking app based on those strips was the same as that from my blood test.”
“The original strips are not covered by my insurance. I could not afford the expense of the strips that came with the meter. I could not find the strips at an affordable out of pocket price anywhere. I have gone a month without checking my blood sugar. When I saw these strips on Amazon. I read the information and decided to try them.
These strips work perfectly with my One Touch 2 meter. The meter reads and records my blood sample perfectly, and is as fast as the original strips that came with the purchase of the original meter.
I plan to purchase more so long as they are available. I thank the seller for making this product available for a customer who can afford the price offered on Amazon.”
“I stopped getting prescriptions because I was limited by the health insurance and the pharmacy. I'm type 1 diabetic and I need to test more often than the strips allowed. I found myself running out or trying to get by on what supply I had and often, skipping the most important readings during the day. Genultimate has tested well with my ultra 2 glucose meter and I would continue to buy this as long as the price remains reasonable.”